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This guys is inspiring, he's helping the masses, his vision is clear and he's asking for your help. The question is do you see it? Do you have the drive and passion to give to others, without thinking about it. He who serves the most will be rewarded the greatest.

There is much to be done with the war on obesity in this nation, I'm looking for those who are disciplined and driven to help drive this plague back. Be bold, step out of your shell, do something more, be more, share more. We can end the trend. You can be apart of something great, a mission, a life long endeavor of health and fitness can be shared by you.

If you believe this is where you need to be now, then lets move with a purpose. Visit and click COACH - Become a Coach with me, help others, teach and educate about the things that have worked for you get passionate and drive about something great.

Feel like you aren't ready to be a coach, perhaps need a coach to coach you, make me your coach for free:

Here is to your success.
Coach Eric

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