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I have posted on this a few weeks back....and still think its crucial to include the entire here is another family fitness tip.

Have you thought about how great it would be to include your family(spouse, kids, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad) in your pursuit to exercise more regularly? Family exercise will improve the health of your loved ones, make exercise more fun, and at the same time develop stronger connections between all of you. With a little creativity, you can find a way to make it work for everyone.

Designate at least one evening per week as family fitness night. Each week, a different person designs the family workout that you will all do together. Whether it's swimming, rollerblading, walking, Frisbee golf, or a two-on-two basketball game--everyone gets to do something they enjoy, and your workout will never become dull.

If you're all new to fitness, start small and remember to choose activities that are appropriate for everyone's age and fitness level. As you progress, try to add more scheduled workouts to your week, or invite another family--your child's friend and their parents, your neighbors, even grandma and grandpa--to join you in the fun!

A great fitness tip, and a great way to enjoy family time together. Summer is coming, get a head start now, gotta get beach body ready! :)

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