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So I came across a great post by Rose B. and after politely asking she allowed me to use it. So lets think about fitness stems into all aspects of our, muscles, circulitory system, respitory system...etc. So that being said, I saw this post and had to make use of it to those who follow this blog. And here is what Rose B. had put together:

I like to include a little of everything on my page, since it is all tied together - physically, mentally, & nutritionally. We take care of our body as whole to be our very best

So here are some skin care basics.

1.Eat a balanced diet - eat a wide variety of "colors" they have the most disease fighting capabilities and anitoxidants along with nuts

2. Drink 64 ounces of water a day -water keeps your skin hydrated (think of raisin vs grape)

3.Avoid too much sun and use sunscreen - we have heard this over and over but it's very important and even better is wear a hat to protect your skin and eyes.

4. Know your skin - and guys this goes for you too, knowing the specific needs of your skin will allow you to chose the right products for your skin type.

5. Dont smoke - here is yet another reason not to smoke, it leads to premature aging.

6. Avoid extreme heat or cold - not only with the weather but the temperature of the water you use.

7. Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol - both dehydrate the skin and cause premature aging

8. Avoid sugar - sugar damages the collagen and elastin proteins which keep our skin firm

9. Get enough sleep - get 7-8 hours a night, too little can increase stress hormone production which damages cells

10. Exercise - didnt think I would leave this one out did you? Exercise gets the blood pumping and provides oxygenation and therefore nutrients to all cells of the body.

Dont stop at your face, remember the rest of your body as well.

One last thing - Skin cancer is the #5 cancer in males and #6 in females, check yourself every 3-4 months and see a doctor if you notice something unusual.

Have an amazing day!


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