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» » » » » » » A day of continued success.

Well I must say that I am loving seeing, hearing and talking to people who have a passion to take care of their bodies! What an amazing group of people I've been surrounded by as of recently.

My wife and I have taken enormous strides to better ourselves physically, mentally and socially. The dynamics have changed so much in our life recently, and just like the vision of land that Christopher Columbus had...I have a similar vision, but my relates to see monumental changes in others....seeing them get fit, both physically and financially. The opportunity of a lifetime at some of our finger tips.

I hope you all have stuck to your guns for your "New Years Resolutions" I'm still writing mine down daily, and working towards them in some manner everyday. You can do it....anything and everything you ever wanted if you write it down and focus intently on accomplishing it can and will happen, I guarantee it.

I am heading out to the WOWY Supergym....getting a late workout in, I love it, but I hate it!

Until next time - Dig DEEP!

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