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» » These are the stories I love to read. This is what I stand for as a coach. I build others up, I help them to believe they can dream bigger, be more family oriented, more goal, and time management oriented. What you can accomplish in life is greater than your day job. Pick up your ruck and follow me. ・・・ Ashley Smith is currently ranked 5th among Elite coaches. But to her kids she's number 1. She became a coach in Nov 2014. Worked nonstop so she could leave her job as a middle school Spanish teacher and did it within 8 months so she could be at home with her kids. And she still works as hard as any coach every day to make sure that situation is secure. It's her "why." Combine a strong "why" with a relentless work ethic and you get magnificent results. But you have to have both. #Repost @carldaikeler ・・・ What's your why? What's your work ethic?

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