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» » #QOTD What is this quote really saying to you? For me I must tell you I have struggled to get a groove going as your coach, I have struggled to mix with my team of other coaches, placing a blame, or the tought I'm just not as good as them, or females just click better when it comes to this fitness business. I stopped celebrating those who had joined me and had found successes in their journey and because of that I have failed big time as a leader and as a success mentor. I've had people leave me, I've had people give up completely. And you know something?, that really sucks when I think back about it. However I'm on a new start and all I can do is control me and my actions. Following the lead of mentors like @coachjimmy and @joshspencer and @scottgutkefitness Trusting in my upline @elisabethpaoli .... Doing what they say to do. I'm not leaving... I'm learning, and those that chose to follow will be celebrated and given my all. #PickUpYourRuckAndFollowMe

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