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The warmer weather is coming.  The kids have Spring Break Fever, and you have been cooped up all winter in hibernation mode!  Now is the time to take Advantage of the warmer spring weather, and the upcoming summer and Get Outside!

Summer is almost here in all its glory, providing us with long days, warm weather, and a chance to get off work and actually enjoy the great outdoors.

Repetition can be a killer for many of us when it comes to our workout schedule. For me I press play pretty much daily, and I mix it up to break up the monotany.  However, no matter how motivated we are, doing the same thing day in and day out can make us, well, bored. Motivation is the key to being fit and the best way to keep yourself charged up is to alter what you are doing from time to time and embrace new challenges. Summer is the perfect season to embark on something new. After all, you can spend a full day in the office and still have 4 hours of light to play with. Take advantage of this time and get outside! Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Rise and shine: There's nothing like a morning metabolism booster. Whether or not you are a morning person, a sunrise exercise ritual, such as a walk, jog, or yoga session in the park can get that metabolism moving and charge you up for the rest of the day. This will not be as fun to try during winter when it's dark and cold: now is the time!

    Try something new: If you ever had a sport or outside activity that you wanted to try, summer is your window of opportunity. With those extra hours of daylight, you've got plenty of time for a long bike ride or hike, some power yoga or tai chi on the beach, rock climbing in the local hills, or an evening swim or surf session.

    Teach the kids some new tricks: Don't let the kids keep you at home. Someone needs to teach them to enjoy the great outdoors, and it'll never be easier than when it's warm and sunny. The beach, the mountains, the desert, or even the park, children have a natural curiosity and love to explore. Use this to your advantage: get them outside, burn some calories, and have some fun!

    Join the club: Most cities have clubs, groups, or weekly races that form each summer to take advantage of the long days. When it comes to being active, there is definitely strength in numbers and having a group to encourage you might just be the ticket. Most urban areas (and small towns for that matter) have some free publications, such as City Sports, that list these groups categorized by activity.

    Just do it: Don't have anything you've been hankerin' to do? Just head outside and let nature take its course. Tell yourself that you are going to spend a set amount of time outdoors each day, even if it's only a break from work to explore the neighborhood. Once outside, keep an open mind, try to enjoy the open air and environment, and see what inspiration comes your way.

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