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» » » » » P90X2 The Journey Continues

So its been a minute since I posted...and I thought, you know I really need to get back into the swing of things....however, that being said...I can also be found at my newer website: where I've been more faithful in posting and sharing new things.

To catch you up...since the beginning of the year, I have started P90X2...its been a great month and a half...I started at 183...and am as of this morning....172.  Ten pounds gone.

In case you have been wondering about P90X2...its an entirely different workout than what you experienced in P90X.   The core work, the stability work, med ball work, as well as the crunchy levers....oh man of man.

Here is a little peak into P90X2....enjoy.

The workout I did this morning was X2 Core....and if you are curious about is a sneak peak.

If you are up for the challenge....let me can always hit me up via the contact page, or leaving a comment below.

Keep pressing play everyone.

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