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Shakeology is the nutritional solution your clients are looking for. It's made by the creators of P90X. With easy partnerships now available with Team Beachbody, you're adding more revenue to your fitness business without huge start up costs or complicated systems. If you're in fitness, you need a Beachbody account. It's a game-changer.

I run 30-day Shakeology Challenges year-round.  We combine this healthy meal replacement shake with 30-minutes of daily exercise. My clients love the shakes and the results.

As an affiliate of Team Beachbody, you have access to discounted fitness and nutritional products to help your clients achieve better results. They are spending money on low-quality protein powders, pills and junk. Shakeology is gluten free and caffeine free. It's loaded with 70 healthy ingredients.

You get your own website and Beachbody handles all the transactions. You simply get a deposit in your bank account every Thursday. It's is a logical addition to any fitness business. Reach more people, earn more revenues.  Still wondering about it check this: Personal Trainer Benefits

I hope you enjoyed the recommendations! It's fun to share tips in our industry.

Keep building up others!  If you have questions about the recommendations, feel free to contact me, send me a Facebook message or an email


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