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Well what I want to share is truly awesome...I think that there are somethings that just excite you on a daily basis...and that thing in my life currently is sharing Team Beachbody and the message that it holds, the mission it is on, and the ability to change lives....I received the following in my inbox a few days ago, and it really has me thinking...the questions asked in the article below are ones that we probably ought to all ask ourselves at some point.

Tips in Finding your True Passion - Christine Dwyer

According to a survey, about 75% of the population do not know what their true passion is. Clearly, almost everyone seems to not be doing what they were meant to do. Surprising because doing what we really love is absolutely necessary if we want to be fully happy. Finding your TRUE passion isn’t as simple as it seems. For some people, yes! It comes naturally! But for most, you have to ask yourself some questions to figure out what you were born to do. Some tips and question to help you decide what is your driving force:

What puts a smile on your face and makes you HAPPY?

Is there a particular event, a particular topic that makes your whole face just lighten up? Whatever it is that makes you smile, and makes you happy whenever you encounter it, this is a sign of something you are passionate about. Think about something that you do or that perhaps you used to do that brings joy to your heart and time doesn't matter when you are doing it.

What comes EASY for you?

Usually, what we find easy for us to do, will be related to what we are passionate about. It’s very hard to hate something that is very easy for us! Open your mind up to the POSSIBLE! Careful not to think that anything is off limits or silly. Careers are born because of a passionate spark. Many people have become successful and even famous on "silly" passions, like Skateboarding, cartoon drawing, product development etc..

What gets your CREATIVITY flowing?

Think about something in your life where you seem to always expand its horizon, always coming up with new, fun, and exciting ideas relating to that subject. Whatever makes you creative, is probably something that you are very passionate about.

What would you do for FREE?

Typically, we are focused on the dollar. That's just society and that’s the game we have to play. The problem is, this leads many people to seek making money first, instead of what makes them happy. I truly believe that if you follow what you are passionate about without thinking about if it will make you rich or not, you will end up being successful. Doing what you have a passion for brings out your best, and this leads to greatness. So think about something that you would just love to do, even if you were not getting paid. Think about something that you look forward to do, something that you wish you could do all the time.

What do you like to TALK about?

Is there a topic of conversation that you just naturally gravitate towards? It's effortless and thoughtless sometimes? Where do you feel you have a great desire for knowledge and spend time or a second glance when you read something about it? If you have to choose to speak on one topic and it was the "National Address"- what would that be! Your 5 mins to go! What makes your eyes brighten up, and changes your entire behavior. You may not know yourself, but ask a friend what they think the answer is for you on this topic.

What makes you UNAFRAID of failure?

When we do what we are passionate about, we have total confidence in our abilities. This makes us not worry about failing, because in our mind, how can we fail when we do what we love?

What would you REGRET not having tried?

We all have these dreams, and somehow, life pushes us in another direction, and next thing we know, we are far from those dreams we used to have. If you were at the end of your life, what would you regret not having pursued? What would you have liked to do, that you didn’t get a chance to?


I hope you enjoyed that, I hope that it pricked your inner thoughts. There is so much potential in all of us...but we hold ourselves back with our own self talk. We can and will achieve our ultimate potential if we work to improve ourselves day in and day a good book for 10 mins a day, listen to an uplifting book....attend a class to better yourself within your trade, do something everyday to stretch can and will accomplish what you desire, if you set clear goals and expectations for yourself.

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