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» » #QOTD Men talk of killing time, while time silently kills them. - Dion Boucicault Tired of talking, more action required. Standing ready to do battle against 3 major things in life. 1. Fear of failure. 2. Fear of not keeping up with your kids by being overweight, seditary lifestyle. 3. Fear of not providing the life you want for yourself and your family. We talk of big things yet we fail to act because of fear. As I shared a few days ago FEAR has two meanings. 1. Fail everytime and run! 2. Face everything and rise! What if you weren't scared, what if you had a support mechanism called a friend, a coach, a mentor to raise you up to bear you up in your journey? What if the person was me?, and you need only lose your ego and ask? I have simple solutions for you, a support system that rivals the best, and a team ready to help cheer and support you each and everyday. Come be a part of something great.

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