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» » Wanted to sleep this morning. Shirked my workouts all last week as my gut has been hurting. This morning though it's a new week. I decided to get up, and do my scripture study, and get my workout in. Was it tough?, absolutely. Did I think to quit?, perhaps for a moment. But I pushed through and don't regret it at all. In fact my gut feels better. Have you checked out the streaming service, Beachbody on Demand? If not here is the link, it's freak awesome. I will give you my time as your coach to find a workout that fits your needs, walk you through the nutrition plan, and give you the help you need to find success in your endeavors. Click the link, check it out. I believe we can still get you a 30 day trial so you can test the waters. Otherwise let's get rolling with the best value out there, the All Access Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack. 👆👆👆😍😍😍 #ericburganfitness #iwannahelpyou #FindYourStride #battlebuddyfitness #virtualbattlebuddy #Army #ArmyCoach #ArmyStrong #AverageJoeToSuperhero #Shakeology #CreatingAnArmy

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