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» » Yes that shirt is currently soaked. No I didn't dump a cup of water on me. So I am at the base gym today, finishing up my Cardio 2 workout from 22MHC and in walk 2 20 something young ladies. I still have my core routine to finish and the begin to stretch right next to my area of sweaty operations... And giggle and watch Instagram videos ...Meanwhile I lay there on my sweat soaked mat getting smoked by Mr Fitness Tony Horton in his best drill sergeant voice. Needless to say my focus was pretty much gonzo. I powered through to finish, and may have grumbled under my breath to go away a time or two, it certainly wasn't a star studded performance. So casually after I was done, as I was cleaning up my area of sweaty operations, I asked if they were distracted in their gym effort today... To that one replied she didn't want to be there and the other said the same. I followed up with a question that I believe Beachbody solves, "Did you come into the gym with a plan?" To that they both said no. I followed up with it always pays off to have a plan, would you agree... Giggles... And then both answered yes, and said they were giggling to work on their core... Which of course made me laugh. Now to the point... That would have been great to share with these two young ladies. Beachbody gives us full programs "aka Plans" to help us achieve our goals of living a healthy and fulfilling life. To that I am grateful, and say Cheers to you all who have found a plan and are sticking with it. Now stop giggling and get to work. #GiggleLessWorkMore #IDontSweatISparkle #DrinkUp #GeekOutFitness #GeeksWithGuns #GeekFitness #geekoutyourworkout #ericburganfitness #iwannahelpyou #FindYourStride #nerdswholift #fitnerdz #FitAndGeeky #Cybersecurity #CyberFit #superhero #superheros #AverageJoeToSuperhero #22MHC

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