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Beachbody Success Stories - More Success Stories from the Beachbody Challenge. This stories are so motivational! Want to create one of your own? Lets get started:

If you're looking for the motivation to work out, allow us to give you a heaping dose. It's easy for us to think of lots of excuses not to work out. We're tired, we don't feel like it, or we just don't have the time. We've heard them all!! But some excuses trump others: like being sick, in the hospital and getting radiation therapy. And some people just refuse to let even those things be excuses, like Austin O.

Austin O. does P90X during radiation therapy at St. Jude

[screen shot via youtube]

Austin was in high school when he started trying P90X. He had just come out of his track season and had tried some of the P90X workouts, and was enjoying his normal life. His brother-in-law formed a Body Beast fit club at the high school, and he tried that out, too. But one day, he started experiencing vomiting spells. An MRI would reveal a tumor that had gone undetected for several years.

One day his dad picked him up after school to bring him to a neurosurgeon's office. They found that tumor, the size of a golf ball, and had to perform emergency surgery right then and there. After his brain surgery, he was left cross-eyed and paralyzed, was flown to St. Jude's hospital, and had to go through intense radiation treatments. The doctors at St. Jude were unsure that Austin would ever be able to walk again. Several months of hard work later, he was His Physical Therapist thought that his using Beachbody products in the past could have contributed to him Austin being able to walk again.

Even throughout his radiation treatments, Austin continued to BRING IT! He would work out in his room. It got a little tricky for him, with a double hickman line - a type of catheter that allows doctors to get in to take blood and administer drugs as necessary - coming from his chest. Austin was unable to lift more than 5 lbs on the side that the lines were inserted - so he found ways to modify so that he was able to complete his workouts.

He couldn't work out every day, and some days were harder than others. But Austin brings the true meaning of BRINGING IT to life! So the next time you're looking for a little motivation, remember Austin's story - no excuses!! If he can do it, so can you!

Click below to watch the story Austin put together on YouTube. It's amazing to hear his story in his own words and watch him killing Ab Ripper X!! WAY TO GO, AUSTIN!

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