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Gavin K. thought Les Mills COMBAT looked fun and decided to join a Challenge Group and give it a shot. He got totally ripped in just 60 days! Check out his awesome results below:

Gavin K lost 8 lbs. and got totally shredded with Les Mills COMBAT

I wasn't really looking to lose weight. COMBAT looked like a fun program and I was interested to see what it was all about. I got the COMBAT disc with Les Mills PUMP originally, then did the live workout at Summit. From doing it at Summit, I knew it was something that would keep me engaged and it was like nothing I have ever done.

Originally when I first started my journey and was out of shape, I was always tired and sluggish. I wasn't happy with how I looked in pictures and who I had become. Now, I feel great! I have more energy. It's like having a new life. I can participate in sports and activities and also help other people do what I have done. My friends and family are very positive, and they think I look great. They can tell my attitude and how I carry myself have changed.

What I liked the most about Les Mills COMBAT was the variety. It wasn't all punching and kicking. There were weighted exercises as well. My cardio has increased so running is a lot better. I don't get winded as easily.

Beachbody has just really turned my life around. Physically I look great, and Shakeology has helped me create a healthy diet for myself. Even more importantly, I have found a new passion to help others, and through being a Beachbody Coach have been able to positively impact others' lives. This has been an amazing journey so far - and it's just the beginning.

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