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Stephen B's wife didn't quite call him "FAT" but challenged him to a 2-mile race to prove how out of shape he was and help him get back to working out again. Although he's always been an athlete, he let himself go over the years and longed for an intense program like Les Mills COMBAT to train like a warrior and get back to a younger version of himself. After only 60 days, Stephen lost 46 lbs and 19 inches!! Check out how COMBAT transformed his body and helped him get in shape for the Assistant Coaching position for his son’s high school Track & Filed team.

Stephen B lost 46 lbs and 19 inches with Les Mills COMBAT

My wife had been razzing me about my weight for quite some time. She didn't quite call me "FAT" but she was progressively working her way towards saying it. I physically felt the effects of the shape I was in. I had high blood pressure and was on two separate high blood pressure medications. I have degenerative disk issues with my lower back (which hardly bothers me at all now that my muscle in my back and legs has been built back up) and I would get out of breath climbing stairs and even tying my shoes.

One day she challenged me to a 2 mile road race to prove how out of shape I was in but refused to participate without giving me a couple of weeks to "prep" for the event, claiming she didn't want me to hurt myself. She really didn't want to race me, she just wanted me to start working out again. It wasn't long after that that my desire had me longing for "intense" programs to continue on my journey.

I wanted something that would work my entire body in an aerobic fashion while building muscle and showing me the door to the fountain of youth. I am also a huge fan of Spartacus on Starz and I wanted to train like a warrior. A few minutes on Google and I was watching the preview videos of Les Mills COMBAT on I took the plunge, ordered the Les Mills COMBAT program and waited for to to arrive.

Rach, Dan and the crew are always there for me and always upbeat. It's really great that Dan recognizes how tough it is to be home alone doing this video series and he lets you know that you are really motivated to be doing it.

I have energy out the wazoo! I've had to purchase new clothes and don't mind wearing ones that show off the new me. I actually put a before and after shot of myself on Facebook stating how awesome the Les Mills COMBAT program is. I'm actually trying to get an assistant coaching position for my son's high school Track and Field team.

Les Mills Combat has restored much of the vitality and self confidence that I have lost over the years. I literally can’t wait to get home and do my workout each day. Thanks Les, Dan, Rach, the gang and Beachbody for putting this great program together! Stay with the fight!!!!!!

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