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Well you were pressing play, or going to the gym, and eating right...then the 4th of July hit, it was your mothers birthday, a family reunion, and not to mention your dog got bit by your cat causing you to you stopped doing what was necessary to take care of you.

We've all done it...been on the trek to be ripped and then we let life hit us upside the head.

Here are 10 ways to keep your commitment to yourself and your body.

  1. Plan using a software or website, or cell phone app to track your workouts.
    1. Team Beachbody has the Super Gym an online tracker, in which logging your daily workout enters you to win a 500 dollar sweepstakes.  Get your account here
    2. My Fitness Pal (online or via Android or iPhone)
  2. Get a buddy - Having a friend that enjoys working out with you can keep you both motivated and inspired to get it done, and if one of you takes the day off, which will happen, then the other can reach out to pick you up
  3. Find something you love.  It may not be a Beachbody workout, You may despise the gym, perhaps you want to join a BootCamp, or Zumba classes a few times a week.  I have heard many a trainer say, "If you aren't enjoying it, you won't come back."  In order to maintain a exercise commitment or a nutrition commitment we need to enjoy it.
  4. Pick a program and stick to it.  Many times our eyes wander and we jump from one thing to the next.  Results don't happen when we don't COMMIT.
  5. Set your daily workout at the same time each day.  Letting your health roll with the tides of every changing schedules results in your commitment and your decision to be healthier become anything but nothing at all.
  6. Become an accountability partner to others.  If you are talking the talk, and telling others to get off their tail and do more then you better be doing it as well.
    1. Team Beachbody Coaching is a great example of this, learn More by Clicking Here
    2. Find another organization or create a Meetup.Com group to bring people together and lead the charge.
  7. Share you goal with others.  Sometimes the best thing for us to do is share with others so that they know how to best support us.  Those closest to us can push us either direction, but if we have a clear concise goal in mind of what we want to accomplish they will know how to push us up, and not let us fail.
  8. Envision your future you.  The mantra I live by..."You can pay for your health now with dues of sweat and eating right....or you can pay for it later in doctor bills and medication."  You Decide.
  9. Create a list of activities that you want to accomplish in the next week.  Whether that is walking the local Green Belt, or hiking the local trails, riding your bicycle to the library.  Create that list, and check them off one at a time.  Checking them off makes you feel good, as well as you will have gotten you blood moving in a great way.
  10. Check your Nutrition...if you are eating HoHos and DingDongs and expecting to have energy to do the things on your list above, or the exercise you want to commit to, think again.  Having a nutrition plan, is of utmost importance.  Sometimes you needs something subtle to help you get pointed in the right direction.  For me that was Shakeology.  If you want more info on that check this out: CLICK HERE.  Its a great catalyst for your daily nutrition plan.

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