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Well here it is day 21....holy cow time has flown.

I can't believe that in the few short weeks, how much knowledge and understanding I have gained from how to eat to fuel my body instead of feed my body. How pumping practically a gallon of water into me a day can make me feel hydrated and vibrant. I know that many are always skeptical of cleanses or detox, but this is one that I can back from the beginning to the end. The neat thing is that you never feel like you are "resetting" or "detoxing" as you move through the 21 days, instead from my point of view I found that I was learning about myself...feeling the food, enjoying the journey, and being in the moment. I am now sitting here the night of the 21st day and am just ecstatic and a bit emotional that this short journey is over.....however is it over?  


Of course it isn't over...because now comes the most challenging part of the process, continuing mission with healthy food choices, implementing an exercise plan, beginning to understand how foods effect your body, and an over joyed reunion of your insides to The Healthiest Meal of the Day - Shakeology!
So you are asking about are curious about this adventure that I just I've put together 10 Things to Expect from the Beachbody Ultimate Reset
  1. So one thing you can expect upon completion of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is that you will continue to plan your meals...probably using many of the amazing recipes in the reset for your life, and digging for new ones on Team Beachbody's Recipe/Meal Planner from the Team Beachbody Club to compliment what you already have.
  2. Find yourself compulsively cleaning and resetting the various areas you frequent....for office, my workspace, and my entire house!
  3. Find yourself focused and driven on the next goal... (week, month, year). Its been neat to really get clear on some things that I want in my family and I's life during the expect to contemplate your future decisions and DECIDE where you want to be, or what you want to accomplish in the upcoming next few months to a year.
  4. Calling your significant other to brag about your minor accomplishments...always starting with the phrase, "You'd be proud of me that I...."
  5. As a man....expect to be Stepping on a scale everyday...and thinking to did I loose 5 pounds in 3 days...and have you wife or female partner scowl at you cuz her number hasn't budged
  6. Expect to post random pictures of the yummy food from the Beachbody Ultimate Reset on Facebook, and every other Social Media site.
  7. Expect that people are going to comment on those pictures of the food, and ask you, "why are you are eating that...whatever it is?"...or post comments like..."Where's the meat?"
  8. I think you can also expect to have worn a path between you and the closest restroom, due to the amount of water you intake....I have been completing a full gallon each day from morning till late afternoon.
  9. Expect that you will pull a face the first time you try the Alkalinze or the Detox....neither where that bad to me...but it was hilarious to watch my wife the first few times, and have her call me while I'm working to sing me an Alkalinize song to the tune of Eye of the Tiger.
  10. And the number 10 Thing to Expect from the Beachbody Ultimate that its not EASY!
There I said it....its not Easy...that was 21 days that are really laid out in a book for you to follow through, but like everything else it takes a discipline and focus, and a desire to succeed in the journey. I attempt to tackle everything with the end in mind. Not always the case, but I work hard towards it. This was one of those journeys. I knew that judging from those who did the Beachbody Ultimate Reset before me, that I would be successful, and have a story to share with you by day 21. The 10 Things to Expect from the Beachbody Ultimate Reset are me, they happened to me while I quested through to the end. I began the program at 173 pounds.....I am not fat, but I'm not freakn ripped either, over the course of the 3 weeks I watch my love handles melt off. I didn't exercise minus a few times of Tai Cheng, or a casual walk. I followed the program with exactness on the supplements and only shuffled on the meal plan slightly, doing an exchange within the meal plan for planning purposes. I came out this evening at 158 pounds. Thats 15 pounds down! My energy is high, my body feels renewed and RESET! That's the point of this, not necessarily the weight-loss. Resetting your body to a like new condition. I feel this way. I feel amazing. My wife and I have realized this and are educating others that if they can follow and listen to the science behind the Ultimate Reset, they will see why they should take this upon them to do it themselves. I have no doubt it will be an amazing journey for you, and I betcha that you will have 10 things to expect to pass on to others as you pay it forward to helping one more person take the steps to get more healthy and fit. Here's to taking care of your body, inside and out.   -Coach Eric  

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