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» » » » » » » » How bad do you want to lead? or Succeed?

Its amazing what picking up a good book or a even a magazine with an inspiring article will do for you these days.  In the fast pace of life we often get sidetracked by everything electronic....but ya know something there is a little place called a library right down the road from most of us, that if used regularly could very well change your life.

I've been doing some introspection lately, and have really been focused on the power of the internet.  There is so much out there, however if you can harness in on a few specifics, you very well could turn your life from the doldrums you currently are experiencing to a life that you have been dreaming of.

It takes a step, it takes some planning, but it can be done...the question becomes do you want it as bad as you want to breathe? Perhaps you and decide.

After watching that...are you ready for a change?  Do you feel it burning in your soul shouting I can be better than I am?  I know I do I practically have it memorized  I posted some more on leadership below, but first take a look at what your next 12 months could look like at The Builders Mindset

So this brings me to some essential elements that I have recently been enlightened to in regards to leadership, which I think is a learned trait paramount to one's success.
  1. Intentionality - Approach your mission your cause and your customers with a vision, intending to do something great.  Have a well thought out plan, a strategy that meets your purpose and causes you to set a stage for a transfomation, and is really authentic, which leads me to #2.
  2. Authenticity - Are you true to the person you say you are?  Have you branded yourself and are acting in accordance to that brand?, "what you see, is what you get" type of leadership.  All to often we are guilty of professing one lifestyle and actually living another.  DON'T DO THAT! Do you realize the detriment you cause yourself the moment you are caught with your pants down?!  Immerse yourself in accountability and self development doing so keeps you authentic, keeps you focused on your cause, and thus people will embrace you and move forward with you. become you are pretty opaque..the opposite of the next point.  Be don't see the real you.
  3. Transparency - If you are operating from a place in your business or life that shows you...your innermost you...they see your true person.  How you act in their presence is how you act when they are not there.   There is no fear of it being any different when you are gone, therefore the same leadership is followed based on them knowing and trusting you...your influence. 
  4. Influence - We are as leaders influenced by others, as well as consistently influencing others.  How is yours?  Is it ethical?  Do you understand your power of influence?  You must know and understand this in your sphere as a leader.  To make the impact both lasting and legacy creating.
  5. Impact - Are you making a difference in the lives of others?  Are you driven for their greater good?  If you are driven by the possibility of creating future leaders, who will walk in your steps you will leave them with valuable lessons.  
I believe that it is a constant work, however instill in your team the desire to step up, step outside the comfort zone, and gain the desire to breathe and you will create a legacy of leadership in your organization.  They will continue mission regardless of where you are.  We lack this throughout the world.  So those who have the knowledge step up and teach.  Doing so empowers you and empowers others.

In closing I want to share a quote I read recently, "Leadership is the gift of sacrifice for the benefit of another, and legacy is the inheritance you create for those who follow," it continues... "Legacy leadership is possible when you operate outside of comfort.... Those who push themselves toward dreams that are bigger create the possibility for reaching what is extraordinary and what will impact others even after the leader is no longer physically present." - Dr. G

Find your ability to step up, and step out to lead through the Builders Mindset.  Will your next 12 months look the same as the past 12 months?

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