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When it comes to business growth, personal growth, or any other kind of growth, the number one thing that determines how much we can grow - and the number one obstacle to us growing - is ourselves. Nothing beyond our own fears and limitations can place more of a boundary on our growth. But what, really, are our limitations? Are they real? Or do we just perceive them to be real?
This reminds me of a scene from The Matrix. In case you haven't heard of it, The Matrix is a movie about people who are trapped in a digital world that keeps their real selves enslaved. The main character, Neo, has the power to save humanity from this world. But he can only have this power once he realizes he has it. He can then do things that he didn't know were possible. 
The scene I remember is the skyscraper scene where Morpheus shows Neo that he can jump so far, he can go from one skyscraper to another far away from it. But for Neo to do this, he must truly believe it. He must know it deep down in his being. It's not an inability to jump far that would stop him from making the jump, but rather his doubt about being able to make it.

When Morpheus tells Neo that he can do it, Neo expresses doubt. And to that, Morpheus gives him some profound advice: "Free your mind."
Free your mind.
Like Neo, we all believe in our limitations sometimes. And like Neo, they aren't really limitations unless our doubt allows them to be real. If we believe in ourselves and not our limitations, we cease to have them.
In the end, Neo learns to fly high into the sky. He overcame his doubt and realized his limitation was as fake as the digital world he was a prisoner in.
That sounds like a lesson we could all learn from. If we allow ourselves to be a prisoner of our own fears and doubts, they will establish limits on what we can accomplish - and who we can be. But if we realize that it is our own beliefs that are what hold us back - if we free our minds - we can free ourselves of those limitations and accomplish more.
And we, too, can fly as high as we want to.  Whether this be in our Spiritual Life, our physical life or financial.  We can obtain that which we set to do.  I look forward to walking this journey with you, and hope you make the choice....the red pill or the blue pill. :p

-Coach Burgan

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