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Here is a fact...You are NOT too busy, what you probably haven’t done is, schedule in the time to work out or you haven’t made it a priority in your life. It’s just an excuse, and first thing you have to do, is admit that you are making excuses. I think nowadays, we can all have an argument on who is busier than whom, correct?

I have had many obstacles in my life that could easily be used as an excuse as to why I wasn’t working out.  From anything to a day to day job computer desk job, to flying a helicopter a few times a week, to family needs and then Team Beachbody coaching.  Flying all night, working all day; makes for an easy recipe to just get done with it all, come home and plop on the couch and watch  tv.

I have a gorgeous wife, and two beautiful kiddos, I basically work 2 full time jobs (Information Assurance Manager, and Helicopter pilot (military)),  as well as finding and developing fitness professionals for a major fitness company where I’m working in creating a monster downline and achievement in the Team Beachbody home business. I was also scheduling and presenting trainings on weekends (3rd job) and so much more! Was that an excuse, could be, but wasn’t.
I’ll be honest, I personally don’t LOVE working out all the time, I have my days that I just want to put it off, however I’ll be VERY honest in saying, if it wasn’t for me leading a group of many amazing coaches, as well as customers to their success in fitness and health coach with the Team Beachbody business, I probably wouldn’t think to work out as much.  Its called engaged, as well as being makes me work harder, it will make you work harder!
 If those things aren’t your goals or perhaps you don't even have the opportunity to do that, you don’t have to believe that’s what you have to do, to do it. You may just need to find the reason for accountability. Because, that is one of mine.  Sharing with others helps me to become more in my own fitness.  Waking up at 5:18 every morning to get my workout done is because I owe it to my body, and I owe it to those who look up to me to lead them to something more.

I think back a few years ago...I went to flight school....during that time, I didn’t schedule in working out. Left it up to it would only be a couple days, I’ll get back into it. The struggles of waiting to getting homework done, flight schedule always changing, I just kept putting it off, all formed an excuse to not fit in exercise. I did just that! Didn’t schedule it and left it up to how I felt that day and if I had time to work out.  Guess what I didn't do anything!  My PT scores suffered, as well as my body suffered!

What ever is important to you will get done.  If its not, it won't its that simple.

So the moral of this is, schedule it! Life is busy! You can easily let it take over you! If you work for someone else, work from home, or don’t even have a job, your day can easily escape you and get filled with errands and other people’s requests.
Each day, start with these tips to ensure you fit in exercise:
1) Get your work out gear ready the night before!
2) Make your To-Do list which includes your work out
3) Put it on your actual calendar- schedule the EXACT time you will work out!
4) Set an alarm reminder for 30 mins before your scheduled time
5) If you are overwhelmed with things to do when your work out time hits, and you HAVE to do them, change up the length and intensity of your work out to be faster and more intense.

The things you do for other people, the business you build, the meals you make, the errands you run are temporary. How you feel about how you look, your energy level, and your overall positive feeling that you did something for yourself is the fountain of youth. That is longevity, so make it a priority.

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