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I was just doing some pondering on how we can really push ahead in life, in our business time, our free time, our success time.  It comes from what I like to refer to as the 4 P's.

1.  When you started out in your home based business did you have a plan?

As for me, no I didn't, in fact after a month or 2 I was going what the heck am I doing, but 2 months in a new field is hardly enough to get your feet I trudged on....which brings me to the next question.

2.  Did you have a purpose for you and your business?

This one is easier to say yes I did...I knew why I was getting started in my was to push towards more free time, more family time, and a more rewarding lifestyle....but what is it for you?  Each of our purposes our WHY's are may be that you just wanted to make an extra 500 a month without working at a gas station or a fast food chain...who knows but you what your purpose is.

Did you have strategy for how you were going to make a profit?

Heck no....but I knew I was passionate about something new in my are probably the same, just not sure how to lay out that where does this strategy come from?

These are just some of the power P’s you need to have in you and your business from home. In fact, any business needs the power P’s to really stand out in a crowd.
Every business needs to have an organized structure to have success. An organized structure has the four P’s of Power, Purpose, Plan and Profit. Businesses that have no structure are often not businesses but hobbies. You work at them when you feel you have the time to do something. Lets talk about what the 4 P’s are and how they bring structure to your home based business.

Power: Power is how to become a truly powerful creator and entrepreneur. When you run your own home based business on-line or through social media platforms. You are a creator. You create your own ideas, your own vision of were you want to be. You create your own blog, website, nerve center. The power to create your own paycheck. To write as many zero’s as you want. You hold the power to create this all within yourself. To create a brand of yourself “a powerful and creative home business entrepreneur.”

Purpose: This is a unknown word for most people in the Corporate work force. Your purpose in the corporate world is to go to work.  Day in and day out show up do the task, go home, receive a check on the 1st and the 15th.   Do what your told to do and complete your task or get in trouble. This is not purpose it is corporate servitude. Real purpose is discovering your own marketable gifts, strengths and your unique purpose which drives you. Your purpose is doing what you really desire to do in life.

Plan: You have to develop a plan for you and your business. In most successful businesses your plan will be a part of your purpose and driven by your passion. I have a plan to build a socially viral on-line brand around my passion to help people build and develop successful home based businesses through the skills and expertize I have within myself. My plan is to help bring out your skills and help you see your purpose and passion.

Profit: Every business has to have a profit or it is not a business it is a hobby which is costing you money. But I am not just talking about how to make money on a product. I am talking about how to turn your knowledge into a multi 5 and 6 figure monthly income consistently.

When you understand the power to create. When you understand what your purpose is and how to develop your plan. The profit is a natural by product which will continue to flow for years to come. To get instant access to learn how to develop the 4 power P’s for you and your business  

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