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There are so many of us that have various interests in obtaining our optimum fitness level....and although my preferred methods are P90X and Insanity styled might not be about that....perhaps you think that is to hard, to intense, to high of a level.  That is okay, and you know something, workouts need to be fun and need to bring you back day in and day that being said...I came across this video of Chris Pratt...with a little Tilt Tuck and Tighten action going on....

So after giggling at Chris Pratts rendition and awesome dance moves...lets take a look at ShaunT and how he will help you get your groove on:

So there you have it...the ability to laugh, dance, and get a great sweat on in your home with a little HipHop Abs action, and not have to be laying on the floor....if Chris Pratt can get his groove on I know you can to.
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