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Man what an amazing day...

Check buddy and I got up and worked out Arms, Shoulders, Triceps to begin with week 6 of P90X!  Both myself and Adrian are seeing results in this second iteration, however I've noticed that I am stagnant at loosing my belly, as well as stagnant on my pull-ups without the aid of the chair.  Adrian however is slimmed down to flat belly, and can crank out 8-10 pull-ups every time....the question is why is it that he is having the more success in the P90X routine....

Could it be that I'm not bringing it everyday as hard as I need, perhaps my diet isn't conducive to loosing my last bit around my belly. At any rate it is kind of frustrating.

On a much happier note our first annual 208-Fit-Clubs meetup took place! (   We went down to the wire with the securing of a projector, but we found one which did an amazing job!  5 guests showed up, and 3 coaches....and I expect it to get much larger with the coming of their friends and reletives!  What an awesome time we had doing a little KenpoX.  The guests tore it up and got the hang of it as we continued through the workout.  I know that we will continue to grow, and attract more people as we share the message, and grow in coach size....I can already see in my minds eye that we will experience exponential growth through these meetups.

Gotta go for now.  Keep pressing play, and if you need more info, about Beachbody Products, becoming a coach, or a club member, don't hesitate to contact me! - Eric Burgan

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