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Yoga Booty Ballet Ab and Butt Makeover


Yoga Booty Ballet Ab and Butt Makeover
Hollywood’s fun fitness secret combines yoga, dance, and body sculpting to blast calories and target your abs, thighs, and booty.
Dance, Slim, and Tone Your Way to an Ab & Butt Makeover
Yoga Booty Ballet® is a dynamic fusion of yoga, sculpting, and cardio dance that’s designed to give you the long, lean body you’ve always wanted. And it’s specifically designed to work your abs and booty. Using Teigh and Gillian’s ABC training technique, you’ll work your Abs, lift your Booty, and do fat-melting Cardio in every workout.
Here’s what you get:
5 Fun Workouts
    • Light & Easy. Learn Yoga Booty Ballet basics with light yoga and easy cardio. Have fun as you start to get lean and reshape your body. (40 min.)

    • Cardio Cabaret. Party off the pounds with signature calorie-blasting, fat-burning moves. (35 min.)

    • Go-Go. Lower-body-sculpting ballet moves that will lift your butt, slim your hips, and shape your thighs. (40 min.)

    • Latin Flavor. Spice it up with red-hot moves that will shrink your waistline, tighten your abs, and melt away those love handles. (40 min.)

  • Body Sculpting. Add resistance to tighten, sculpt, and tone your muscles. (35 min.)
Sculpting Tools To Maximize Your Results
    • Ab & Butt Makeover Guide. Get special tips from Gillian and Teigh, a nutrition guide to help you achieve your best results, and a workout calendar that lets you know exactly which workout to do on which day.

    • Sculpting Ball. This weighted ball adds resistance to your workouts and targets hard-to-reach areas, like the saddlebags.

  • Sculpting Band. Adding more resistance helps lean out muscles for that sleek, long, and lean physique.
Plus, get these 3 FREE gifts:
    • 7-Day Swimsuit Slimdown Plan. Lose up to 7 pounds in just 7 days by following this plan. Plus, we include a tape measure and a tracker card so you can follow your progress.

    • Hip Hop & Abs Workout. Get awesome abs, hip-hop style. You’ll flatten and tone your abs and core while dancing off the fat.

  • 10-Minute Booty Blaster. When you’re short on time, these rapid-fire booty-lifting moves will help reshape your butt in just 10 minutes.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you don’t get the results you want, simply call Customer Service to return Yoga Booty Ballet Ab & Butt Makeover within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, less s&h—no questions asked. But keep your FREE 7-Day Swimsuit Slimdown Plan, Hip Hop & Abs workout, and 10-Minute Booty Blaster workout as your gifts for trying Yoga Booty Ballet Ab & Butt Makeover.

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