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"At least eighty percent of millionaires are self-made. That is, they started with nothing but ambition and energy, the same way most of us start."~Brian Tracy

A SHARED goal with people who are really passionate about something is that they always want to own their own "show/business".  However, more often than not, their dreams and goals never happen and they still keep working for someone else.
So maybe your goal is not to be a millionaire, or even work for yourself, but rather to live the life you dream of doing something that is so fulfilling to you, you probably think about it all the time, and would love doing it full time.  If this is the case, why do you sit back and relax?  Why do you wait for the "right moment."  The self talk we do, "Oh the kids will be out of school soon", "summer is coming then I won't be so busy", Once the holidays pass then I will give it a go" , "follow up with me in about a month then I won't be so busy".

The truth is the same 24 hours of today, will be the same 24 hours of tomorrow, and the past 3 years will be the same as the next 3 years if you don't truly desire to be living your dream, whether it will make you financially wealthy or emotionally wealthy - so the question...WHY NOT YOU??

Some BIG reasons why action is not taken are:
1) Overhead costs
2) High Risk factor for Failure
3) Lack of Independent Drive/Motion

So then, how can we overcome these obstacles and start moving in the direction of our ultimate dream?

  • Overhead costs - I obviously don't know what your personal dream or vision of doing or becoming is, so I don't know what overhead costs may be involved.

    But I do know, that there are many ways to trim costs and keep them down to the bare minimum while you are starting out and building. Do your research. What do you really need and what can wait? Find someone who does what you want to do and ask for their tips and direction. What worked for them and what would they have done differently? Google ways to cut costs. Check with your local areas for new business program grants and assistance.

    • High Risk factor for Failure - Is there truly overwhelming evidence that your dream business is likely to fail? Or is it negative responses like "That will never survive around here", "Somebody else tried that and it went under and they lost everything".  Or is it Fear? Your own fear of not knowing whether you can pull it off?

      Success takes risk. The highest stock investment returns are on those 'high risk' options. Write that out...SUCCESS TAKES RISK!

      Now lets game plan a bit...paper and pen handy....ready PEN to PAPER
      1. What's the worst case scenario, the best case. 
      2. What's your plan B....guess what...whatever you are doing right now for your job is your Plan B!  Make your business your PLAN A!  Make your PLAN A work for you!
      3. Is the risk worth it to you?   Was the risk of getting in your car to drive to work worth it to you today?  Was the risk of getting married, having kids, college education only to graduate and not have any job options worth it to you?
      4. What is the cost of never fulfilling your vision? 
      5. You have to decide. Know that there will be struggles and even some potential failures along the way - but also know that even a failure is an investment in your learning and growth as you learn from it, correct it and move forward.  As my friend always says...LEAN FORWARD IN THE FOXHOLE!

      • Lack of Independent Drive/Motion - So you're your biggest obstacle? You just don't have the initiative to make motions and move forward? Why?
        • You've got to identify why you don't have the burning motivation and drive to start making motions. 
        • Are you a procrastinator? 
        • Do you need direction? 
        • Do you have a plan? 
        • Start by determining your priorities. 
        • Outline your goals based on those priorities. 
        • Develop the plan on how you can reach those goals. 
        • Start a to-do list, every day, with items you will do to take you closer to your goals. 
        • Keep the To-Do list with you, visual and tangible works best!
        • Keep moving and making motions. 
        Each step, however small it may be, is moving you closer to your dream as long as it is in the right direction. 

        The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. Paul Valery

        Now go!

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