Friday, September 30, 2011

Well its Friday...Frenzy Friday, Friend Friday, Free Friday, its FRIDAY!  This whole week has been a blast,  thanks in part to those in my Fit Family - Coach Corner Facebook group, and the Challenges that we did.  I had a great time, and they did as well.

Here are a couple videos of the things we accomplished:

20 Pushup Challenge:

25 Chair Dip Challenge:
The challenges aren't meant to be hard, they aren't meant to kill you...but you know what these little challenges do...they improve can say I did it!  You can do a little each day, and gain the confidence to push into something bigger.  I know we can do it...we can create a healthier us, healthier friends and neighbors, and a healthier more fit world by doing small things....each and every day.  

I love being your coach, your cheerleader, and your friend.  We have an amazing journey to go on.  I can only hope you would jump on this train and get rolling with me and this amazing team.

If I'm not your coach, and you are looking for one. Click the image below. And make me your coach for free.  I will help you make it through...we will accomplish your goals together.


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